Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Marine Corps Fitness

Fitness is a way of life for the Marines. Over the last 15 years, Marine Corps Fitness has evolved from the standard physical fitness test (PFT) of a 3 mile run, max pull ups, and max crunches in two minutes. 

There is now a Combat Fitness Test, fitness trainers attached to each unit, and a focus on functional strength, cardiovascular endurance, and mental toughness. 

Physical Fitness Test

The Marine Corps Physical Fitness Test is a basic test of a Marine's running, upper body strength, and core strength. Start here.

Combat Fitness Test

The Marine Corps Combat Fitness Test measures a Marine's ability to perform functional strength activities that might be experienced in combat, such as sprints, lifting an ammo can repetitively, and carrying a fellow Marine.

How to Do More Pull Ups

Pull ups are one of the best upper body exercises. They're also key to scoring max points for your promotion on the PFT. We've got some training tips to help you reach your goals.

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